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Hello, my name is Tim and I've been digging around in the dirt ever since I was a little boy. I grew up in a small town in Alaska called Homer. In Homer nature is all around you and you just can't be happy living there without enjoying it's beauty. For family reasons I had to move away from Alaska and currently live in Southern CA. While searching for work here, and unable to find any that made me happy, it struck me to do what I enjoy the most. So I opened a landscaping business and started designing landscapes for others.  I want to share with you my 30+ years of experience. A ton of practice, some experimentation, in addition to a little training will help you create a masterpiece with your garden. Over the years I have figured out what is needed and what is hype. I ain't got no book learning, my know how comes from trials and tribulations and from simply taking the time to observe nature.  I enjoy watching the process of nature.

I also enjoy the pride and feeling of achievement that comes from creating a beautiful landscape. One of my first undertakings with my landscaping company was to completely redesign a landscape for a local museum. The landscape they currently had was neglected for years. Some plants were dead and just left to rot while others were growing everywhere, overtaking their building and blocking their signs. I turned in a proposal and won the job. I worked on it for weeks to make it a welcoming "outdoor" foyer for their museum complete with an outdoor concert area. Someone else is taking care of the landscape now (and they are doing a good job of keeping it up) but every time I drive by there I beam knowing that I had a hand in creating it. I want you to have that same feeling of satisfaction every time you walk out your front door. It will take some forethought, patience and sweat equity but your rewards will be priceless. 


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